Monday, August 11
New Teacher Orientation

Tuesday, August 12
New Teacher Orientation

Wednesday, August 13
New Teacher Orientation

Thursday, August 14
8:00-5:30 Teachers work in their schools
5:30-7:00 Open House- Caroline Middle School

Friday, August 15
8:00-5:30 Teachers work in their schools
2:00-3:30 Open House- Lewis and Clark Elementary School
2:00-5:00 Open House- Bowling Green Elementary
3:30-4:30 Open House- Madison Elementary School
10:00-12:00 Open House- Caroline High School

Monday, August 18
8:00-5:30 Teachers work in their schools
8:00-10:00 All SPED paraprofessionals meet with Cathy Gregory at Caroline Middle School (auditorium) (mandatory meeting)
10:00-12:00 Open House -Caroline Middle School
1:00-3:30 All SPED Teachers meet at Caroline Middle School (auditorium) with Cathy Gregory (mandatory meeting)
4:00-6:00 Open House-Caroline High School
5:00-7:00 Open House- Bowling Green Elementary
5:30-7:00 Open House-Madison Elementary School
5:30-7:00 Open House-Lewis and Clark Elementary School

Tuesday, August 19
8:00-5:30 Teachers work in their schools

Wednesday, August 20
First Day of School

*Teacher schedules may vary in some schools due to evening orientations and open houses. Please check with school principals for individual school schedules.

Long Awaited Improvements Begin

​T​he long awaited work has begun on the Caroline County Schools Capital Improvements projects that were overwhelmingly approved in the Fall bond referendum.  Construction began on the Caroline High School Track Renovation project approximately 3 weeks ago after Precision Sports Surfaces of Charlottesville, VA submitted a bid of  $285,778 which was substantially under the budgeted amount of $435,000.00.  Because the project was nearly $150,000.00 under budget, the Caroline County School Board approved a $55,000 upgrade to the rubberized track surface for a total project cost of $340,778.00.  The new upgraded track surface will feature 3 layers of black rubber granules topped by 2 additional layers of blue rubber granules that will give the track surface a blue finish.  The upgrade provides a thicker rubber track than was originally planned and improves the overall lifespan of the surface.  The old rubber track surface has been stripped off and the drainage improvements along the sides of the football field has begun.  The track project is anticipated to be complete in time for the fall football season.

 Crews from the J.H.Knighton Lumber Company got the improvements at Madison Elementary School jump started last week when they arrived on-site and began clearing trees from the new property that will have the new bus drop off loop located on it.  Caroline County Public Schools is very grateful for the efforts of the J.H.Knighton Lumber Company as this will allow the building contractor to begin work on the new bus drop off loop immediately in early August. 

 Personnel from the Maintenance Department of Caroline County Public Schools removed the playground equipment from its current location.  The equipment will be re-installed at its new location behind the Madison Elementary School building.  The playground was re-located to move it further away from the road and to allow room for the new addition which will connect all three existing classroom wings.  The new addition will house a new school front entrance, a new administration and guidance area, 2 new computer labs, a new media center and 4 new classrooms.  A new visitors drop/off and pick up area along with expanded parking is planned where the current bus loading area is located.

 A pre-bid meeting was held at Madison Elementary School on Tuesday, July 1, 2014.  The meeting allows interested contractors an opportunity to review the construction plans, see the school and site and meet the people that they may be working with should they be the low bidder for the project.  So far, nine General Contractors from Winchester to the Tidewater area have expressed interest in the additions and renovation project at Madison Elementary School.  Bids are due on July 17, 2014 with construction anticipated to begin in early August and be completed by mid-July of 2015.

 Architects and engineers are entering the detailed stages of planning for the new additions and renovations to the Caroline High School.  The design team spent the last 3 months of the school year meeting with faculty and staff to develop a design that will allow the high school to be expanded to accommodate 1600 students.  Work is anticipated to begin on the high school project this fall and will take approximately two years to complete.

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